Aurelia Koksztys- Łuc i Bartosz Łuc from Lawyers’ Professional Partnership Łuć and Koksztys-Łuć

Aurelia Koksztys Łuć and Bartosz Łuć have been performing their activity as lawyers since January 2000. Previously in 1994 they finished their legal studies at University of Wroclaw, and then they did judicial internship in District Court in Jelenia Góra and lawyers’ apprentice in Bar Association in Walbrzych working in one of the leading law firm in Jelenia Góra.  Longstanding practice, experience achieved in courts under the custody of eminent patrons helped them assemble great lawyers’ team and create one of the first lawyers’ professional partnerships.

Partners has got many years of experience in providing juridical help in every fields of law, start with lawsuit through complicated commercial partnerships’ transformation, creating new legal entities, liquidation and bankruptcy, administrative and register proceedings, finished with legal consulting. Currently partnership services permanently many different entities, including private commercial partnerships, entities related with local felt-government, medical entities, enterprises and cooperatives. Partnership’s partners conduct cases in every fields of law, trying to specialize in chosen issues. Jelenia Góra’s location near three borders foster activity in area of juridical help provide to foreign entities. Both of the partners finished postgraduate studies from the range of practical application of European law.

Our partnership have at its disposal 160 m2 premises located 100 metres from court, which allow operate activity in comfortable conditions for lawyers and their clients. Partners and collaborators speak the most popular foreign languages; we can provide services in German, English and Russian.

Currently in partnership work three legal apprentices: Paweł Dziekiewicz, Anna Kaszuba and Dyzma Bebak. Sylwia Grześ – Office manager watch over office work. Partners cooperate with Recompensum partnership leading by Olaf Hamberger.



Aurelia Koksztys- Łuć is concerned with civil law. She is a specialist in domestic relations law (in area of divorce and division of property), in real estate law. She cooperates with other law firm as part of “Divortum – Domestic relations and Divorce law” project. Her second specializations are economical cases and commercial law.  She defended her master’s thesis under the custody of Professor Józef Frąckowiak. She uses her knowledge and experience in creating and functioning supervision of commercial law entities. She is a member of supervisory board of Limited Liability Company. Aurelia Koksztys-Łuć speaks German fluently and thanks to that she was registered on lawyers’ list recommended by Consulate of Germany and she provides services to German-speaking clients.

BartosŁuć has concerned with conducting complicated lawsuits in civil compensative cases.  Moreover he is a specialist in administrative and judicial-administrative cases. His one of the biggest lawyer’s success is effective constitutional complaint finished with repeal of unconstitutional regulation. Due to longstanding medical entities service Bartosz Łuć has knowledge and experience in medical law.  For many years he has been concerned with juridical consulting for entrepreneurs, local self-government unit, foundation and associations. He also represents individual clients in lawsuits. From the start of his professional career he has been actively participating in bar activity, as member of substantive commissions at The Polish Bar Council and a lecturer during legal apprentice training. He has been president of IURIS LINK Lawyer’s Association since 2009. In 2013 he became member of District Bar Council in Walbrzych.

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