Elżbieta Nowak’s law firm has been operating since 1990 as one of the first private chambers in Koszalin.

Elżbieta Nowak’s law firm has been cooperating with Andrzej Nowak’s law firm, who is operating in the same premises since 2003.

Elżbieta Nowak’s law firm runs cases from the areas of economic law, penal law, civil law, servicing companies in the range of their activities, European law issues, and family matters. We provide comprehensive extrajudicial and judicial service.  We support foreign clients with English, French and Russian.

Lawyer Andrzej Nowak run cases from the areas of economic law, penal law (focusing on economic penalty cases) and commercial law. He is an author one of the first comment for Commercial Code ( Polski Dom Wydawniczy “Ławica”, Warszawa/Poznań 1992)

Cooperation and employment in Elżbieta Nowak’s law firm people having high occupational qualifications allows comprehensive foreign and national clients servicing. We speak English, French and Russian ensuring service in indicated fields of law.

Elżbieta Nowak law firm has been servicing foreign and national clients, providing juridical help and representing foreign entities in polish commercial partnerships. We keep in touch closely with many lawyers, solicitors working in significant polish and foreign law firm. We exchange experience and knowledge needed for solving juridical issues.

Moreover if cases required current juridical and economic issues, Elżbieta Nowak law firm takes advantage of expert accountant’s and economist’s help. In the event that is obligatory we cooperate with certified translators from English, German, French and Russian.

Elżbieta Nowak works actively in occupational self-government. She is and Training Director in District Bar Council in Koszalin as well as Elżbieta Nowak is a Chairwoman of Revisory Commission in DBC in Koszalin. Elżbieta Nowak is a member of Legal Apprentices Training Commission and Public Bar Activity Commission by The Polish Bar Council in Warsaw.


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