Lawyer Piotr Sendecki has been running legal practice since 1989. Piotr Sendecki mostly handles cases from the scope of civil law. His specializations are economical issues; he participates as an advisor in process of creating new and transformation existing business entities. He also takes part in current companies’ juridical services.  Piotr Sendecki participated in privatization and commercialization procedures. Maintaining contact with judicial law Piotr Sendecki is an advocate in penalty lawsuits especially when with penal law is connected civil’s or commercial’s law element.  Piotr Sendecki has been vice-president of  Mennica Polska S.A board of supervisors, quoted on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Piotr Sendecki is also an arbiter in Arbitrational Tribunal to sport issues beside Polish Olympic Committee.
In the view of practicing by lawyer Piotr Sendecki foreign placements and internship (for e.g. in Department of Finance in Canada as Canadian Bar Association stipendist, also in Nederland and Germany) and holding contacts with foreign clients and lawyers, Piotr Sendecki has experience in servicing foreign clients. Providing juridical help for  natural and  legal foreign person our partnership provides services in English and German. 
Our partners have been taking part in international juridical conferences from the area of commercial law ( IBA conferences), human rights protection ( ELENA/ECRE seminary and Human Rights Commission beside The Polish Bar Council, which Piotr Sendecki is a vice-president) for many years.  Issues from the area of human rights protections are important element of providing juridical help by our partnership. As part of these problematic aspects we lead cases before the International Bodies, like a European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg. 
Maecenas Piotr Sendecki cooperates with other lawyers, mostly with his nurslings (former legal apprentices) in concrete cases required cooperation larger number of lawyers. Currently in law firm are employed five legal apprentices, one person with passed lawyers’ exam and two non-lawyers people. 
Our low firm provides juridical help pro bono. Our permanent beneficiary is “Lubelskie Hospicjum dla dzieci im. Małego Ksiecia.”( Kid’s hospice)  Lawyer Piotr Sendecki also worked in lawyers’ self- government in years 2007-2010. Currently he is a Doyen of Lawyer’s Chamber in Lublin. 
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