We operate our activity in Poznań and in Warsaw. Our law firm team is composed of high qualified lawyers and specialist. We have been providing juridical servicing for over 30 years. We offer is aimed to entrepreneurs. We support small and medium companies as well as big capital group. Our partners achieved their experience from collaboration with financial institutions. As part of IURIS LINK Association we provide services to clients in whole country. In contrast to big law firms we treat every client individually. We create rules of cooperation according to kind and level of case difficulty what guarantee efficiency of our activities.

We advice entrepreneurs in proceeding connected with company creating and functioning. We support business entities in his current operational activity, for example in activities connected with owner supervision and fulfilling corporation duties. We write and give legal opinion of agreements’ projects. We specialize in cases of universal succession, proprietary transformations, restructuring and bankruptcy. We participate in business negotiations, we help in compensation claiming.

We are partners of Warsaw Stock Exchange, Authorized Adviser on NewConnect and Catalyst market for non-tax obligations. This award is a result of building professional experience since 1990, which fallowing political system transformation was an answer for legal consulting needs. In was connected with opportunities given by development of capital market in Poland.

We support process of capital acquiring. We prepare companies to stock debuts. We advise issuers in performing informational duties and other public limited companies’ and their stockholders’ duties. We manage pledges and mortgage in relation to emissions’ protection. We advise in creating and functioning closed-end investment funds and licensed entities. We train in the subject area of capital markets.

In the range of juridical consulting of building and development companies we prepare analyses of real estates’ legal status and reports needed for investment process. We create and give legal opinion about estates’ contracts. We prepare analyses in the range of tender procedures.  We help to accomplished decision and permission required by law; we represent our clients in disputes before public bodies. We advise in cases connected with estates’ legal status regulation and managing them, property law and legal succession.

Mariola Więckowska – Solicitor, 

Maecenas Więckowska has been legal adviser since 1990.  Her specialization is providing legal advices for realization proprietary strategy by entrepreneurs. She is operating transformations, fusions, stock issue, and lead-in companies on the Warsaw Stock Market and on the NewConnect market. She negotiates in acquiring investors and funds raising agreements.  Lawyer Więckowska leads lawyer’s firm group of specialist in diagnosing enterprise status, prospectus and informative documents.  She is a lecturer and speaker on many conferences where she introduces practical aspects of legal advice for entrepreneurs including capital market.  She began her specialization from analysis and diagnoses of enterprise status in order to choosing variant of their privatisation and she was a Chancellor of the Exchequer’s advisor in investors acquiring process.

In 1990s she was chairing and leading creditors council in pact proceedings ( for e.g. Zakłady Automatyki Przemysłowej ZAP S.A in Ostrów Wielkopolski). She acquired specialization in the area of enterprises’ reorganisation connected with their financing when she was working in Restructuring Problem Loans Department in Bank Kredytowy S.A in Great Poland. She was controlling commercial entities’ activities when she was a member of board of supervisors of RELPOL S.A headquartered in Żary and ELZAB S.A headquartered in Zabrze, ZAP-PETRO Sp. Zo.o. In Ostrów Wielkopolski ,ATON-HT headquartered in Wroclaw.

Maecenas Więckowska was a member of board of supervisors of quoted company TELL S.A headquartered in Poznań and listed on NewConnect Monday Development S.A Company headquartered in Poznań.  In fusion process she performed comprehensive juridical services for e.g.  Cefarm – Poznań with Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna S.A fusion’s. She was participating in servicing many of public offers’ process , including : Talex S.A, PGF S.A, two emissions for PBG S.A, TELL S.A, NFI S.A, BBI Development NFI S.A, HARDEX S.A, BBI ZENERIS S.A. She is a participant of Foundation of Polish Directors Institute; she is on a list of professional candidates to boar


Tomasz Buczak -  Solicitor, partner

Tomasz Buczek has been solicitor since 1999 y. He is related to law firm since 2004, He is a partner Since January 2006. His specializations are cases connected with capital market. Tomasz Buczak is a leading lawyer in IPO and SPO lawsuits as well as non-public offers on Warsaw Stock Exchange and NewConnect Market. Tomasz Buczek gives professional advice how to execute informational duties and how to obey corporative order by public limited company.  He gives professional advice in issues connected with structure and functioning by companies.  Tomasz Buczak has got Alternative Trading System Certificate given by Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Tomasz Buczak do researches of legal status (due diligence), organizational transformation and optimization. He advises in creating and organising structure of closed-end investment funds as well as managing them. He ménages servicing projects connected with financing acquire, fusion and restructuring process. Tomasz Buczak operates cases from the range of combating unfair competition.  He has got also big experience in using banking law and creating bank products.







Julita Ludwiniak - Solicitor- partner

Julita Ludwiniak has been performing solicitors’ occupation since 2001, with CSW law firm she has been since 2004, in January 2006 she joined to partners.

Julita Ludwiniak specialization is: civil law, employment legislation, economic law. She occupies comprehensive consulting in current business entities activity and corporative commercial partnership’s servicing.

Julita Ludwiniak prepares analyses of enterprise’s status, including real estates’ due diligence for economical transactions, restructuration, and prospectus and privatization process. Julita Ludwiniak participates in acquiring founds and publicizing companies, she prepares juridical part of prospectus, information documents, provides juridical servicing of public stock emission (IPO,SPO). Julita Ludwiniak conducts service for bodies of the public companies in the area of adherence informational obligation and rules of the corporate governance. Julita Ludwiniak has got an Alternative Trading System Certificate given by Warsaw Stock Exchange. She conducts servicing enterprises involving creating certificates of corporations and commercial partnership’s registration, creating internal corporative documents, agreements concluding in a business trading including agreements of stocks and enterprise selling. As part of interest in commercial and labour law, Julita Marciniak participates in process of business entities’ transformation, fusion and takeovers including worker’s aspects. Julita Marciniak provides juridical help in both fields of law in restructuring and liquidation business entities.

In law firm’s structures she specializes in consulting in the area of labour law application in enterprise especially in the range of process connected with employing establishment transitioning and group redundancies. She represents employers and management in labour disputes.

Julita Marciniak professional experience involves providing juridical services for building entrepreneurs and others participants of investment process. In this area she gives an opinion, prepares building works contracts, projects’ works, investments’ supervision, she also advices in public procurement law issues.


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