ASP law firm began its activity in 2006. As new form of cooperation, so far working together lawyers. Chamber’s office is placed in the historical city centre of Munster.  Legal problems are often related with questions about tax that’s why we are happy that we work with tax advisers. 
Our priorities are quick, consequent and constructive achieving of intended judicial and economic targets of our clients. We are convinced that this goal can by only achieved by high specialization. We are aware that international legal problems are getting more and more significant.  We try to help solving these problems by close contacts and cooperation with law firms from different countries.  We see how important are legal advices in achieving constructive agreement which main goal is to eliminate legal disputes and save time and money.  However if our client interests required legal dispute we are ready to represent our client interests on legal course to acquire optimum effect. 
As every professional activity, providing legal advices is still changing. Quickness of these changes is constantly rising through appearing new global media as internet and ways of communication development.  We try to keep up with these modifications and use them actively and constructively.  That’s why one on our main goals is to providing legal advices in the range of “new media” and internet.
Our Partners
Stephan Pahl, Lawyer – Member of IURIS LINK lawyer’s association. 
- Equestrian law 
- Competition law
- Traffic law
- Ownership right
- Company Law
- Labour law
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